Cloud Executive Summit – Research Partnership

Cloud Executive Summit – Research Partnership

Want to be the brains behind some of the hottest new research in the cloud industry? Team up with Silverlinings to sponsor our forthcoming report: 21st Century Cloud Networking – Transformational Opportunities, Serious Challenges.

This exclusive report will be based on a custom survey whose results will be unveiled in a dedicated session at our inaugural Cloud Executive Summit on December 7. Sponsorship of the report includes logo placement and a unique opportunity to position yourself as a thought leader in a “Cloud Leaders” Q&A section. In addition, sponsors can gain access to quality leads generated by report downloads in Q1 2024 in the wake of a Q4 2023 release and marketing push.

So, what would you be putting your name behind? Thanks to the survey, the report will provide an in-depth look at cloud migration progress and hurdles with a dash of AI. Survey respondents will include over 100 major enterprise and service provider customers from around the world. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the draft survey questions:

Q. What are the key drivers behind your organization's priorities for IT modernization?
A. Reduce Costs; Improve Security; Enhance Performance; Achieve Scalability; Increase Agility; Reduce Errors and Downtime; Employee Recruitment and Retention; Achieve Faster Time to Market; Accelerate Innovation

Q. Which cloud service providers do you predominantly use? And which other cloud providers do you use?
A. Ranked responses: AWS; Google Cloud; IBM Cloud; Microsoft Azure; Oracle Cloud; Others: specify.

Q. If there was one thing you could have your cloud vendors improve on or fix, what would it be?
A. Open ended question for personalized responses.

Q. How do you consume AI/ML technologies today in your company?
A. Enterprise software products include it (e.g., office suites, CRM, HRIS); Dedicated AI/ML as a service (e.g., AI-augmented marketing suite, ChatGPT, Anthropic Claude); Systems integrator or consultant-developed proprietary solution; Custom-built in-house solutions; Not using AI

Don’t miss this truly unique opportunity to gain exclusive insights, leads and position yourself as a company that’s ahead of the curve. Sign up as a report sponsor today or talk to John Keough ([email protected]) for more details!

Looking for another way to demonstrate your thought leadership? Talk to us about our Cloud 9 executive interview video series and sponsored Cloud Leaders Q&A content on Silverlinings.