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Celebrating Exceptional Innovations that are Changing the Industry

Brought to you by the publishers of Silverlinings, the Cloud Innovation Awards will identify and showcase outstanding innovation that is driving improvements and transforming the industry. An expert panel of judges will review all submissions and determine which companies demonstrate innovative solutions that have the greatest potential to save money, engage customers, or revolutionize networks and the industry overall. 

The awards program will honor the teams whose work has created outstanding innovation in the cloud industry. Winners will be featured in a Silverlinings special report and can leverage the awards to showcase their innovative solutions. 

The Cloud Innovation Awards are judged on technical innovation, effectiveness, competitive advantage, financial impact and true innovation. Entry is open to all readers of Silverlinings. Winners will be announced during the Cloud Executive Summit farewell dinner on December 7, 2023, in Sonoma, California

Cloud Innovation Award Categories


Best Cloud Networking Solution (Public, Private or Hybrid)


Best Cloud Automation Solution


Best Cloud Artificial Intelligence Solution 


Best Cloud-Native 5G Solution 


Best Cloud Data Center Solution 


Best Cloud Sustainability Initiative  


The Top Cloud Changemaker   


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