Silverlinings 2023 Cloud Innovation Awards Finalists include: 

Best Cloud Sustainability Initiative 

  • Cisco Systems: Cisco UCS X-Series Modular System 
  • Iron Mountain Data Centers: 24/7 Carbon Free Energy 
  • VMware: VMware’s Telco Sustainability Framework 

Best Cloud Artificial Intelligence Solution 

  • Dynatrace: Dynatrace Davis AI 
  • EnterpriseWeb: Telco-grade generative AI for intent-based orchestration 
  • Nutanix: Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box 
  • VMware: VMware Network Scorecard rApp 

Best Cloud Automation Solution 

  • Console Connect: CloudRouter 
  • IBM: IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh 
  • Itential: Itential Automation Platform 
  • Microsoft: Azure Operator Service Manager 

Best Cloud-Native 5G Solution 

  • Blue Planet, a division of Ciena: 5G End-to-End Network Slicing Automation Solution 
  • Intel: 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processor with Intel vRAN Boost 
  • Marvell: Marvell OCTEON 10 Fusion 
  • Samsung Networks: vRAN 3.0 
  • Huawei: Huawei Full-Series 5.5G Solutions

Best Cloud Data Center Solution 

  • DriveNets: Network Cloud-AI 
  • Marvell: Marvell Nova 1.6 Tbps PAM4 electro-optics platform 
  • Vertiv: Vertiv Liebert XDU 
  • Amdocs: Amdocs Executable Cloud-Native Blueprints-In-A-Box 

Best Cloud Networking Solution (Public, Private or Hybrid) 

  • Aviatrix: Aviatrix 
  • Cloudbrink: The Cloudbrink Service 
  • F5: F5 Distributed Cloud Services 
  • Microsoft: Azure Operator Nexus 
  • Ericsson: Ericsson Cloud Native Infrastructure